What is the difference between c6 and c9 lights?

C6 lights are the smallest of the strawberry-shaped lights that many consider the “traditional Christmas bulb” shape. The bulbs are generally 3/4 inch in diameter and 1 1/8 inches tall. C9 lights have the same traditional strawberry shape as C6 and C7, but are slightly larger than C7.

C7 and C9 are terms that refer to the socket size on a cord. The sockets on a C7 cord are slightly smaller than on a C9 cord. Each type of cord uses a different base size of light bulb, the C7 cord fits a candelabra base bulb and the C9 cord fits an intermediate base bulb.

what does c6 LED lights mean? C6 light strings are popular for illuminating bushes and trees because of their unique strawberry shape. They are also used for indoor decorating and as party or wedding accent lighting. C6 LED Lights.

Beside above, what is a c9 light bulb?

C7 bulbs are the smaller than C9s. The have an E12 candelabra base, the same size as a night light bulb. C9 bulbs are larger, over 2 inches long, and fit an E17 base. They are available in 7 or 10 watts for incandescent bulbs and are generally used in the same ways as a C7 bulb.

What are c6 bulbs?

The C6 shape along with the slightly smaller C3 and C5 lense are similar to that of the larger C7 and C9 bulbs. With just about 1/2-inch long lenses, these lights are a little larger than traditional incandescent mini light bulbs.

Which is brighter c7 or c9?

Just grab a nightlight, and if the bulb fits it, then you know you have the C7. And here’s the C9 bulb. You can tell just by looking that it is the larger of the two. At 7 watts, it’s quite brighter and we do offer this in a clear 10-watt version as well.

How many c9 lights do I need for a 7 foot tree?

Another quick estimate would be to use 100-150 lights per foot of tree (starting with a 6 ft tree). This method results in more lights than the above table. To determine the number of C7 or C9 lights for your tree, try the following: Ht x diameter (divided by 2) for trees up to 7 feet = number of lights.

Do c7 bulbs get hot?

The older, incandescent bulbs do get hot, which makes them a fire hazard when used on or near flammable or delicate holiday decorations. However, the LED C7 and C9 bulbs do not get hot to the touch, expanding the creative horizons of where they can be used—anywhere… which leads us to…

How big is a c9 light bulb?

1 1/4 inches

What are the best type of outdoor Christmas lights?

Our Top Picks Best Overall: Hofert Everglow Clear White Wire Light Set at Amazon. Best Budget: Home Accents Clear Light Set at Home Depot. Best Icicle Lights: The Holiday Aisle Mini Icicle Light at Wayfair. Best Snowflake Lights: White Snowflake LED Fairy Lights at Amazon.

Can you use c9 lights on a Christmas tree?

C9 LED Christmas Lights Many homeowners will hang these lights on outdoor trees because they produce a high impact light display that may be overwhelming when used on smaller, indoor trees. C9 bulbs and strings can be purchased individually or as a set, with a variety of customization options available.

What does c7 mean on a light bulb?

C7 refers to the size of the base of the bulb; from base to tip the C7 bulb is a little over two inches high. C7 Christmas light bulbs have an E12 base (the same size base as the bulb you use for a traditional night light). The letters LED stand for Light Emitting Diode.

Are c9 bulbs LED?

C9 LED Bulbs These energy efficient C9 LED light bulbs are beautiful, super bright, versatile, and will shine for 50,000 hours. Incandescent C9 bulbs can easily be swapped out of your old strands for these energy-saving retrofit LED C9 bulbs.

How many watts do Christmas lights use?

So, how much electricity do Christmas lights use? Your display size and choice of bulbs, whether incandescent or LED, will influence your energy bill the most. For example, a 100-count string of incandescent mini lights runs at 40 watts, while a 70 count of 5mm Wide Angle LEDs is approximately 4.8 watts total.

What size is a standard light bulb base?

E26 is the size of most light bulbs used in the U.S. It’s referred to as having a “medium” or “standard” base. E12 is the smaller “candelabra” base.

What are the different sizes of Christmas lights?

Holiday Lights Bulb Sizes Christmas bulbs come in two standard sizes, C7 and C9. In addition to the standard sizes, there are also round bulbs (G20, G30, G45, G80), mini string lights, and patio lights in various shapes and sizes.

What is the wattage of a c7 bulb?

7 watts

Can you replace LED Christmas light bulbs?

Yes, You Can Replace Single Bulbs Just like classic incandescent Christmas lights, LED Christmas lights can fail, either one light at a time or an entire string. And single replacement bulbs are available for many LED string light bulbs.