How much grass sod is on a pallet?

Our pallets each hold 171 individual sod pieces that are stacked on a 4′ x 4′ wooden pallet. When laid out, one pallet of sod will cover 450 square feet. To get an idea of how much area one sod pallet covers, see the picture of the lawn at right.

Standard pallet size in these markets is usually 500, 600, or 700 sq. ft, and will have 50, 60, or 70 rolls per pallet. Common grass types in these markets are tall fescue and Kentucky bluegrass. The above photos illustrate the difference between slabs of sod and rolls of sod.

Also Know, how much is a half pallet of sod? On average, a homeowner pays $260 per pallet for sod. A pallet can range from $120 on the low end to $400 on the high end. Expect to pay about $0.50 per square foot for decent quality material, though prices range from $0.30 to $. 0.80 depending on type and quality.

Keeping this in view, how many pieces of sod are in a pallet of St Augustine?

Full pallets contain 50 square yards, 450 square feet. There are approximately 3.3 pieces of grass per square yard=150 pieces per pallet. Pieces measure approximately 16”x24”. Raleigh St Augustine only can be purchased by the piece.

How much does a pallet of sod weigh?

A. Depending on the moisture content of the soil, sod can weigh anywhere from 15 to 30 pounds per piece. A full pallet (500 square feet) contains 100 pieces, so it can weigh between 1500 and 3000 pounds.

How much does it cost to lay a pallet of sod?

Sod Installation Cost Per Square Foot Sod prices range from $0.30 to $0.80 per square foot, or between $120 and $280 per pallet, depending on the variety of grass. Laying sod is more expensive than growing a lawn from seed—but it’s ready to enjoy much sooner.

How much does a piece of sod cost?

Rolls of sod cost about 28 to 45 cents a square foot, depending on the type and amount bought. For a 2,000-square-foot-lawn, that’s between $560 and $900. If you decide to go with a pro for installation, the cost increases to $1 to $2 a square foot, or $2,000 to $4,000 for 2,000 square feet.

When should I lay sod?

Sod can be installed at almost any time of the year. The best time to lay sod, however, is in early and mid-fall when temperatures are cooler but grass continues to grow. Spring is the second best time to lay sod and is the preferable time for warm season grasses such as centipede, zoysia, bermuda, and St.

How big is a roll of sod?

How big is a roll of sod? It is 48″ long by 24″ wide or 8 sq. ft. To figure how many rolls you need, multiply the length (in feet) of the area you are covering by the width (in feet).

How much is a pallet of sod at Home Depot?

$400 – $500 – Sod & Turf – Landscaping – The Home Depot.

How do you calculate sod?

In order to calculate the amount of sod required you must measure the length and width of the areas in feet. Length x Width= square feet divided by 9 will give you the number of square yards needed. Our sod rolls measure 24″ x 81″ or 2 ft x 6.75 ft. Each roll of sod will cover 1.5 sq.

How much topsoil do I need for sod?

Add about four to six inches of topsoil to give your sod the best chance to develop a good root structure. Topsoil should consist of loamy sand, clay loam, loam, silt loam or other suitable soil for the area. If possible, incorporate humus (fully decomposed organic matter) into the top soil.

How much square feet is in a piece of sod?

Ft. ) A piece of Sod = 2.67 Sq. Ft.

How big is a piece of sod at Lowes?

2.66-sq ft Fescue Sod Piece at

How long can a pallet of sod sit?

about 48 hours

How many sod are in a yard?

Each pallet will cover approximately 450 square feet, which is equal to 50 square yards. Each individual piece is about 16″ x 24″. There are 171 pieces on each pallet. One of the best things about solid sodding is that it can be done year round.

How do you install St Augustine sod?

Ground Preparation Mow the lawn area with a lawnmower, set on the lowest setting, to remove all tall weeds from the area you are planting. Turn the soil with a garden tiller to a depth of 4 inches. Rake out all weeds, grass and rocks from the planting area. Water the soil with a garden hose or sprinkler so it is damp.

How much is a pallet of Bermuda sod?

Pallet costs usually range from $125 to $300 per pallet. The price can range based on the type of sod and how many square feet one pallet covers. For example, one pallet of Bermuda sod, which covers 500sf, costs approximately $540 at Home Depot.