Is the Cat c15 a good motor?

Caterpillar C15

C15s are available in horsepower ranges from 435 to 550, with up to 1,850 lb ftof torque. Next year Caterpillar will offer 600 horses with models offering both 1,850 and 2,050 lb ft of torque.

Also Know, what is a c15 CAT engine? The Caterpillar C15 is an in-line, six-cylinder diesel engine. The bore by stroke ratio is 5.4 inches by 6.75 inches, or 137 mm by 171 mm. The displacement is 15.2 liters, or 928 cubic inches.

Similarly, it is asked, is a 6nz a c15?

It is a serial number prefix that cat used to identify a series of engines, the 6NZ is the last good single turbo C15, anything after that and your looking at probems created by updated programming and changes in parts used to meet emmissions.

Is a 3406 cat a good engine?

In terms of failure, the 3406E is actually pretty good, especially compared to some other Caterpillar engines. However, like all engines, they still had their issues. This was fixed when the engine upgraded to the C15, and seals replaced gaskets, along with a new block design.

How much does it cost to rebuild a Cat c15?

My ’06 C15 Acert was done by an independent shop using the gold kit and the kit it’s self was $5,568.93 part# 10R9923. Total cost of the inframe including a reman head $11,961.46. $2400.00 of that was labor.

What does 3406 stand for?

Caterpillar 3406 PEEC(Programmable Electronic Engine Control) Standards.

What does c15 Acert mean?

Advanced Combustion Emissions Reduction Technology

How many horsepower is a CAT 3406?

The 3116 is capable of generating peak power levels of 205 horsepower at 2,400 rpm and 350 horsepower at 2,800 rpm. Its overall fluid capacity is 6.6 gallons for engine oil and 7.4 gallons for the engine’s cooling system. Total dry weight of the 3116 is reported at 1,500 pounds.

Will Cat make truck engines again?

“The Caterpillar dealer network will continue to service the 1.6 million Cat highway engines out there for the life of these engines.” Significantly, the truck will have a Cat-branded engine manufactured by Navistar, says Taylor.

What does Acert mean on a CAT engine?

Advanced Combustion Emissions Reduction Technology

How many liters is a 3406?

14.6 liters

What year is a 6nz cat?

Pre-2004. When did they make the 3406E? I don’t have that much to add, I do like the 2000-2001 C-15 engine (6NZ= Serial number Prefix).

How many gallons of oil does a CAT c15 hold?

10 gallons

Why did cat stop making truck engines?

Caterpillar’s diesel engines were once widely used in heavy-duty trucks. But the company opted to withdraw from the truck engine business in 2010 rather than invest in a costly upgrade of its exhaust treatment system to comply with stricter federal regulations on diesel emissions.

When did the Cat c15 come out?

Caterpillar first started manufacturing the C15 in 1999, and didnt stop making it until 2007.

What year did the c15 Acert come out?


Are Detroit engines good?

The Detroit is a good over all engine, city or long haul. I don’t know about the newer ones, but back in the day they burned a lot of oil and you had to shift quick in the low end with heavy loads.