"All the Gym's a Stage" Gym Makeover Campaign

Art, music, drama are crucial to children's growth and well-being. For many, they are the lifelines that nurture unique talents, build confidence, and promote positive feelings about school.

Goethe's incredible teachers equip and motivate our children to excel in the performing arts. Help us equip our gymnasium so we have a stage worthy of their efforts!

We are asking parents, alumni, neighbors, and local businesses to donate to "All the Gym's a stage" campaign. An anonymous donor has provided funds to match contributions 3 to 1. That means a $10 donation turns into $40 for the gym.



New Spanish Class Schedule

Next semester's Spanish class schedule has been adjusted to accommodate Primary Colors and Karate. Unfortunately, the older kids will still have class on Thursdays because of limited teacher availability this late in the year.

Here is the new schedule:

*PreK to 1st grade - Mondays and Wednesdays

*2nd to 3rd grade - Wednesdays and Thursdays

If you have any questions, please contact Carla Viteri of Instituto Cervantes at cervanteskids@cervantes.org or Goethe parent Amanda Yarusso at amanda.yarusso@gmail.com.

Support FOGS by Shopping on Amazon

Do you shop on Amazon.com? Great! FOGS is now an Amazon Smile recipient and will receive .5% of your purchase when you designate us as your charity of choice. Click here to make it happen.

And please help spread the word to your friends by either forwarding them the above link or having them search for Friends of Goethe at smile.amazon.com.

Now go buy something!

Target Red Card

Did you know that we've made over $8,000 that goes directly to the school and it happened just by stocking up on school supplies, shampoo and food for the kids' lunches?  Over 70 people have designated Goethe Elementary for the Target® Visa® Credit Card or Debit Card.  We receive up to 1% of the amount of each purchase in a cash donation from Target. It's easy. Just visit the Take Charge of Education site, or call 1-800-316-6142 to designate our school, code: 45691.

If you don't already have a card consider signing-up.  You shop there. We all do.  Grandparents, alumni, neighbors and friends can take part, too :)

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